How to install StorX?

Your virtual server will be provisioned with 2 virtual disks, one with 10 GB capacity and one with the disk size you’ve ordered. This is our partitioning scheme. The first one is used for the root filesystem while the last one is intended to be used for storing your data. StorX will store your data in to the docker folder at /var/lib/docker on the first virtual drive (vda), so you may need to change the mount point of this directory to the ordered disk space on vdb to use the full storage space. You can adjust the mount point as needed or use symlinks or bind mounts for instance to use the disk space in different directories.

Should you have issues with the installation of StorX on our vps system, you may use the following script for the initial installation. It will also prepare your system and change the mount point of your docker directory to your ordered disk space on the second virtual drive (vdb).

Tested with Ubuntu-18:

Usage: sudo ./

After the initial setup, you should check the configuration and continue with the setup.

Please also note, that we can’t provide software support for StorX. If you need further assistance for the installation, you can contact StorX support.